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The state once called the Horse Show capital of America is now planning to become the Horse Slaughter capital of the United States. Members of the Oklahoma State Legislature have passed bills making it legal to slaughter horse for human consumption in their state. The Oklahoma Senate voted 38-6 in favor of allowing horse slaughter and the Oklahoma House approved it with a vote of 82-14.

Rep Skye McNiel explained that the bill would allow horse slaughter within the state of Oklahoma and provide a humane option for old horses. They will be slaughtered and their meat sent overseas. The sale of horse meat within the state of Oklahoma will remain illegal.

Based on the total absurdity of his statements, one can safely assume that Skye McNiel never visited Dallas Crown (Kaufman, TX), Bel-Tex (Ft. Worth, TX) or Cavel International (DeKalb, IL) when those slaughterhouses were still slaughtering horses.

  1. Killer Buyers looking to fill a truck with horses aren’t interested in old horses. They prefer them young, healthy, and fat.
  2. The process was NEVER humane. It was a form of torture from start to finish.

The residents of Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oregon, and New Mexico were wise enough to prevent any horse slaughter plants from opening in their states. Since the people of Oklahoma have never had a horse slaughter plant in their state, they might want to start reading up on the subject now. Better yet, take a road trip to Kaufman, Texas and have a nice chat with the residents and city officials there about how much they enjoyed having Dallas Crown in their city. Massive environmental damage, water pollution, increased crime rate, rotting animal parts attracting vermin and carrion, lagoons filled with blood, a constant and unbearable stench, horse blood being forced into the city sewer system only to back up into residents’ homes. For more detailed information, please visit




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Step 1: A horse is purchased by a killer buyer who has a contract with the slaughterhouse. Sometimes horses are given away or purchased directly from their owners but most of the horses come through kill auctions. The horses are frequently abused at the auction barns. Once the sale is complete, they will be loaded onto the kill buyer’s trailer.


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Step 2: The horse is loaded onto an extremely overcrowded trailer packed so tightly that it cannot move. A horse that goes down will more than likely be trampled to death. The driver will probably go straight to the slaughterhouse without stopping. Stopping to feed and water the horses is uncommon. The way that they are loaded would make it very difficult to even attempt to feed and water them. Horrific injuries often happen on the way to the slaughterhouse.


Step 3:  The horse is unloaded into a holding pen at the slaughterhouse.  How long they wait there depends on how many horses are waiting to be slaughtered and how quickly the plant can kill them.

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Step 4: The horse enters the slaughterhouse and gradually makes its way into the kill box. The methods used at this point vary from place to place. The captive bolt is the most common. It was originally designed for cattle. The worker must hit the horse in exactly the right place on its forehead to temporarily stun the animal. Horses are not cows. They often panic and try to escape. Even when they are stunned correctly, they can sometimes regain consciousness.


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Step 5: Desanguination – The horse is hoisted up to the ceiling and suspended by one of its hind legs. Its throat is slit so that it can be bled out before they begin cutting up the carcass. Imagine what happens when a horse is incorrectly stunned and regains consciousness during this procedure…

Does ANY of this look HUMANE in any way?

No, because there is NO humane way to slaughter a horse.

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From that point, the workers proceed to prepare the horse meat for transport to its destination. Usually it is shipped somewhere in either Europe or Asia. That’s what Rep. Skye McNiel means by overseas. That might not be quite so easy. If anyone in the Oklahoma State Legislature had bothered to read any international news, they might have noticed that the European Union is currently in the midst of a horse meat scandal. Products labeled as beef were found to contain horse meat. The source of the horse meat has not been identified. First Ireland, then Poland, and finally Romania have all been suggested. Six horse carcasses from the United Kingdom were exported to France despite testing positive for Phenylbutazone. Back in July, horse meat from Canada tested positive for both Phenylbutazone and Clenbuterol. Both of those are banned substances forbidden in food producing animals. The EU is not pleased about any of this. The Humane Society International is petitioning the EU to ban all horse meat imported from North America. Even if the horse meat is still allowed into the EU, the new regulations that go into effect in July of 2013 will disqualify virtually all horse meat from North America anyway. Passports will be required for all horses presented for slaughter at EU inspected slaughterhouses. Drugs histories from the time the horse was 6 months old will be required.  It is amazing that not one of the law-makers involved was aware of this when they voted to bring horse slaughter to their state.  Their level of stupidity is remarkable.

To read the new EU regulations for 2013, please click the link below:


The law passed in Oklahoma specifically states that only horse dealers and auction barns will be allowed to sell horses to the new slaughterhouse. Oh, really? How exactly do they expect either of them to be able to trace the drug history of every horse back to when it was 6 months old? Are they planning to test the horses for drug residues before they accept them for slaughter? No, because they already know the meat is toxic. That’s why they won’t allow it to be sold for food in Oklahoma. They don’t seem to mind the idea of poisoning people so long as it doesn’t occur in their state.

The horse slaughterhouse will be an environmental disaster. The community will be destroyed. The horses will suffer terrible atrocities before being inhumanely slaughtered. And when it’s all said and done, no one will want the toxic horse meat anyway. It will never meet the EU 2013 regulations. So what was the point of all of it? Money, of course.

Horse slaughter has always been a bloody business. Those involved in it ignore the regulations and put profits ahead of safety. They aren’t concerned with suffering. Even when the U.S. Slaughterhouses were open, the regulations were frequently ignored. The guilty parties were rarely fined or taken to court. Those who were fined were not forced to pay their fines. Instead they continued with the very activities that got them fined in the first place. Things will not be any different in Oklahoma.

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Horse Slaughter is inhumane.

There is no humane way to slaughter a horse.


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