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Stray Cats in Need

This is a change of subject from the usual posts about horses. Another equine related post is coming next week. This one is about two cats who are in need of a new home. Most barns have at least one cat but these two have special needs that require them to be kept inside at all times. Please share this post with anyone who could offer them a safe home.


There are many stray cats roaming the streets of Pittsburgh. Some of them have found shelter in an unlikely place–the Police Impound. Hiding among the wrecked police cars and other vehicles were two male cats, Smudge and Sam. Employees have reported seeing Sam lurking in the lot for about ten years. No one is sure how long Smudge was there. These cats have spent many years outside, hunting for their food and taking shelter wherever they could. They had no contact with humans and ran from anyone they saw until someone made it his personal mission to rescue them.


Officer Steve Crisanti made sure that both cats had food, water, and shelter until they could be trapped and safely removed from the impound lot. After feeding them for months, he was able to touch Smudge while the cat was eating. Sam remained too afraid to let anyone touch him. The situation changed last week when Smudge was badly wounded in a fight. He needed veterinary care. Both cats had to be trapped as quickly as possible. With help from Animal Friends, the cats were trapped and taken to a veterinarian. They received the care that they needed but the news wasn’t good. Sam and Smudge tested positive for Feline Aids. This means they cannot be left loose outside or be around other cats. They are in need of a permanent home with someone who can keep them together and indoors where they will not be exposed to other cats.


Both cats are being kept safe under quarantine until a new home can be found for them. They need someone who understands how to care for cats with this condition. Sam and Smudge are both still adjusting to life indoors with human contact. They need someone they can learn to trust who has the patience to work with them until they learn how to trust people. If you can offer them a safe, loving, and permanent home, please contact:

Steve Crisanti


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