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Broken Promises: Regalian


This is a missing Thoroughbred mare named Regalian. She is registered with the Jockey Club. Her tattoo number is C17345. Her former owner is desperately seeking any information about her. On February 11th, 2012, she was placed at a farm that claimed to be a foster farm for a reputable equine rescue. She retired from being a broodmare. It was understood that she would only leave with a signed adoption contract and be placed in a safe, new home. Unfortunately, all the information available now points in the opposite direction. Regalian and two other horses were offered for FREE on Craig’s List with no mention of any adoption contract.

From her posting on Net Posse a.k.a Stolen Horse International:

“Regalian – Chestnut TB Mare (tattoed) – was sent to an individual in Milton, Florida, with the understanding that mare would be in a satellite foster program under a rescue in Georgia. The owner had to reduce the herd due to health reasons, and this was one of the last horses that needed to be placed. It was understood that she would be adopted out with a contract under the GA Rescue, and so there was no reason to be concerned that the mare would be sold or sent to an unsuitable home. Stacy later learned the mare had not been re-homed where she had been told (to a lady in Bonifay, FL – now is told the person is possibly a horse trader) and that the GA Rescue had no knowledge of the horse being in its foster care. A witness has stated the individual in Florida offered her the mare at a price and without a contract, which clearly indicated the mare was being sold for personal profit and not being adopted as agreed. The individual in Milton has a documented history of questionable activity, and NetPosse has another pending report with this person in a similar situation.”

65173_373668602722578_1949068259_nThis mare was sent to a place where she was supposed to be available for adoption. She was at this farm in March 25th, 2012. By the time this photo was taken, she had dropped 75 pounds. It is alleged that the person who had Regalian offered to sell her to another individual for a set price. It is also alleged that this mare and other horses were later offered for free on Craig’s List. No adoption contract was mentioned in either case. This mare may have gone through an auction in Alabama. She may be in either Alabama or the Florida panhandle. Her whereabouts at this time are unknown. Regalian has a home waiting for her if she can be found. If she is in a safe home at this time, her former owner would be very relieved to have proof of her safety. If she was sent to slaughter, please let her former owner know that so she can grieve and then put this nightmare behind her.


“A reward is being offered for return of the mare and possible finder’s fee. If evidence is provided that the mare is in a suitable home, Stacy would consider leaving the mare where she is with an adoption contract as were her original intentions. Individual in Milton claims no financial gain was made from this mare’s transaction.” – Net Posse

Mary Johnson is offering $1,500 and Maggie Moss has added another $1,000 to the reward. That means a combined reward of $2,500 is being offered for the safe return of Regalian.


It would be very worthwhile for anyone with information to contact Stacy immediately.





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Press Exclusive: A Christmas Miracle

221300_508522909178150_547297385_oJust a few days before Christmas, Mindy Lovell of Transitions Thoroughbreds worked a miracle for one very battered Thoroughbred mare.  Press Exclusive was one of the OTTBs rescued by Mindy from a slaughter holding pen in Canada.  Thousands of U.S Thoroughbreds are sent to slaughter in Canada and Mexico every year.  There is currently talk of bringing the barbaric practice back to the United States because the Pro-Slaughter side claims to be concerned about the horses welfare during transport to the slaughterhouses.

Take a look at the pictures of this mare if you can.  This is what a horse looks like after being transported loose in a trailer designed for cattle. They are packed in too tightly to move or balance properly.  The aggressive horses bite and kick the weaker ones and the haulers aren’t exactly animal lovers.  If the horses fall or go down during the ride, they will likely be trampled to death.  This is NO way to treat any living creature.




How did Press Exclusive end up in this nightmare?  Maybe she wasn’t a good runner?  Wrong!  A quick search on Equibase will show that her career earnings were over $400,000 and her average earnings per start were around $9,000.  If you add in the career earnings of her offspring, the number jumps to around $750,000.

Maybe she wasn’t well-bred and had no value as a broodmare?  Wrong again!  Her pedigree is quite impressive and she had numerous foals, including one named A Notebook.  Her grand-sire was Fleet Nasrullah and there are plenty of other famous names in her bloodlines.  Even with a down economy, one of her fillies just sold for over $10,000 in September.  Press Exclusive is an older mare but she hasn’t reached such an old age that she would be useless.

Her unnamed yearling filly sold for $10,139
Philanthropist – Press Exclusive, by Press Card
(Annahein Racing Stables; Richard G. Hogan, agent) – Colleen Beaumier

You would think that earning over $400,000 might earn her a nice retirement on a farm somewhere.  Whoever sent her to the auction didn’t agree.  There are alternatives to sending a horse to an auction where you know they will likely be bought by a kill buyer and shipped to slaughter.  Find an equine rescue or another program where the horse can go.  Find a person that can be trusted to care for the horse.  If no home can be found, call a vet and have the horse humanely euthanized.  Yes, this costs money and so does burial or having the body hauled away but it gives peace of mind.  The owner knows their horse will never end up in a nightmare like the one that awaited Press Exclusive.  Yet another nightmare make still be unfolding.  Mindy’s vet reports that Press Exclusive may have been nursing a foal as little as 6 weeks ago.  This mare was bred to Milwaukee Brew for a 2012 foal.  The terrible question:  where is that foal now?

Press Exclusive was very lucky.  She found a guardian angel.  If she makes a good recovery, she may finally get retirement on a farm with one of her daughters for company.  She deserves to live out the rest of her days in peace and safety.



“I would also like to thank every single person who has stepped up to help with her costs and are wishing her the best recovery possible and I will do my best to make this happen for her. I would like to add just one more thing for now – PLEASE do NOT send your horses to auction – there are alternatives!! PLEASE take advantage of them!! NO horse deserves this!!” – Mindy Lovell

If you would like to make a donation to help Mindy care for this mare and many others that she has saved, please send donations via PayPal directly to:


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