Big Sister is Watching…

29 Aug

  The public relations department at Mountaineer Gaming Resort strive to market this destination as a place where people can come and enjoy many entertainment options, including horse racing.  Unfortunately, the racing isn’t such fun for the horses.  No one asks them if they want to race.  They are forced to do it until their careers end in one way or another.  If the horse is fortunate, he or she will  be retired from racing and have a new life off the track.  Not all of the horses are so lucky…

Rosemary Williams, the director of racing, has repeatedly denied that any horses from Mountaineer are sent off to be slaughtered for food.  Clearly she has forgotten all about No Day Off, a mare from Mountaineer, who was run through the Sugarcreek Auction, and then off to a horse slaughter plant in Richelieu, Canada in 2008.  The story of this horse was featured on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbal in May of 2008.  After the story broke, Mountaineer came out with a rule that threatened disciplinary action for trainers who were caught sending their horses to that particular auction.  Caught is the keyword here.  To catch the trainers, Hosemary would have be watching them by sending spotters to the auction to check lip tattoos.  Watching them would be very difficult as long as she keeps her head buried in the sand…

Mountaineer’s so-called Anti-Slaughter policy is completely ineffective.  There are currently five people on the backside who are actively buying horses there and then selling them to meat men who hold contracts with the slaughterhouses.  Mountaineer’s stall man is allowing Steve Wilson to keep his horses in other trainer’s stalls until Wilson gathers up enough horses for a shipment.  He just took out a load last Wednesday and everyone knows the final destination of the horses on that trailer–someone’s dinner plate.  Earlier this summer, Deputy Broad was taken by his trainer, Danny Bird, and sold to Fred Bauer, who hold a contract with the slaughterhouse in Richelieu, Canada.  Less than 10 days after he left the backside at Mountaineer, Deputy Broad was slaughtered using methods that are beyond inhumane.

Clearly there is something wrong with this picture and Ms. Williams is turning a blind eye.   She could do something useful like setting up an adoption program similar to the one at Finger Lakes in New York.  The current rule at Mountaineer is that a horse must be removed from the backside within 48 hours once it is no longer eligible to race at the track.  Finding a good home for a horse takes time and two days is not long enough to have the horse ready.  The killer buyers are always there with cash to buy up these horses, no questions asked and no waiting.  Stable to Table in Seven Days…

While she is unconcerned about the fate of horses like No Day Off and Deputy Broad, Hosemary has recently shown a keen interest in which people she will allow onto the backside to buy horses and re-train them.  I am personally not allowed to go down there to see or pick up any horses.  My help is not welcome even though I have been taking horses and finding new homes for them since 2001.  Just this week, Hosemary told trainers at Mountaineer that they should be more careful who they sell horses to. Sadly her remark was referring to people who drove in from out of state and paid for horses that will now go to a safe forever home.  It seems this has upset Ms. Williams.  If she would just use the same amount of energy to protect the horses from being sold to slaughter, many lives could be saved.  Instead, she behaves like a petulant child.  Perhaps she believes that if she closes her eyes, the dead horses will disappear.  She may not see them but you would think she might notice the stench…

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One response to “Big Sister is Watching…

  1. sandy

    August 29, 2011 at 10:14 PM

    At Fort Erie and Woodbine we have two great volunteer groups working to save the horses here in Canada. And the trainers and owner are on board to cut loses in order for these amazing animals to have an retirment that they deserved after entertaining us humans . Thanks to Second Start and Lo
    ng Run Retirement for ALL their effort . And I boo our Canadian Government for allowing the slaughter of horses


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